Bombay Talkies – The Art of Filmmaking

Bombay Talkies is not only a tribute 100 years of Indian cinema, but more than that, it shows you what to expect from Indian cinema in the coming future. How the new emerging directors are moving away from established formulas, how the balance is tilting more towards the art of filmmaking and not the craft…. more


Ohlife – your daily journal

The best part is when you choose the option of allowing Ohlife to send you a random selection of your past journals along with the daily email…..more

Wild Bill (2011 film) – Wonderful film with indie flavor

Two classy scenes that’s a must watch. The scene where Bill makes a paper aeroplane and propels it to take a wonderful flight from his balcony much to the delight of Jimmy. The second one is the last scene….more

REVIEW – Silver Linings Playbook

Everything in the movie is about mental breakdown, and slowly and steadily, and quite comically you make sense out of it. You relate to the method in the madness……more